25 Responses to “100 Upcoming Horror Movies 2010-2012 -SCREAM 4 – In Theaters April 15, 2011.”


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  1. eugeg94

    the name of the song please :)

  2. eugeg94

    the name of the song please !!! :)

  3. LordDutty

    @Dreadfulmorning and shia, I think thats fake, I doubt they would put those two together again

  4. LordDutty

    I hopse they don’t fuck over IT, the original was awesome, I wonder if Tim Curry would be able to play Pennywise again =P

  5. astrodeskontrol

    the second song is from 28DAYS LATER ..correct??
    the video is great, but is it true of all of them are cooming??

  6. Dreadfulmorning

    Megan fox in strangers 2? wow

  7. deanofmean86

    this first song is awesome

  8. xW33z

    Halloween 3D *_*

  9. IHateEdwardCullen385


  10. 16YOTSUBA

    silent hill 2!!!((((:

  11. EricVierthaler92

    Is jaws 5 really happening?

  12. LBP29

    Emma roberts is going to be in Screa4m ..

  13. Ladyaj101

    props 2 the actors also awsome cuz im a huge horror fan. they should be proud of themselves 2 get many movies donewhich im sure will be kick ass

  14. Ladyaj101

    this is awsome cant wait 2 see all of em ;]

  15. jenny12312323

    @xxsoftcoremakeup 28 days later

  16. jenny12312323

    @xxsoftcoremakeup 28 days later i think

  17. xscaredycatx

    theres a lot of remakes and sequels coming out, i wish film writers would come up with something a but more original :(

  18. SuperScream4

    @xxsoftcoremakeup 27 weeks later :)

  19. xxsoftcoremakeup

    the second song, ive heard of it somewhere! what movie is it from?!!

  20. riccardo706

    thank you very much @stefanocosta :)

  21. stefanocosta

    Feel Good Drag – Anberlin – 2008 (as single and as track in True Faith)

  22. riccardo706

    What’s the song? can you tell me the song title, and too strong :)

  23. enriquevrquiroga

    oh-no :( iam here fear froom jason :(

  24. KateRoseMere

    What is the FV 3 movie about?

  25. SuperScream4

    @akumatekkusu666 thanks for the comment :) I don’t know much about the new tcm on imdb says that will be in 2011 if I find anything I’ll let you know :)

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